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Affiliates and Webmasters, Hide Your Affiliate Links

Many sites are not allowing posting any links with affiliate codes or query strings. Our service will hide your affiliate codes, and your links will not be looking like affiliate link.

Affiliates and Webmastes, STOP Losing Your International Traffic!

Many affiliate networks and programs are not accepting any visitors but visitors from certain countries - USA, Canada, United Kingdom... If you send visitors from other countries to them, they will show them denial message or redirect them to other URL's which will not pay you anything.

With our Geo-Redirection Service you can easily create short URL's which will send visitors from country you need to your country-specific paying offers, and visitors from other countries will be sent to other offers you specify, which are accepting international traffic.

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Examples of Use

Example 1: You have an offer which pays for visitors from U.S. only, but you want to monetize any international traffic too.

Specify URL you want to send International (Non U.S.) traffic to in "Your URL". ("Your URL" is a must for all redirects, no matter if you are going to use Geo-Redirection or not.)
Click "ADD" in Geo-Redirection. In "Option1" enter URL for U.S. offer and select "United States" in its country selection box.

Now all visitors from USA will go to URL's specified in "Option1", and visitors from any other countries will go to default URL (which accepts Non U.S. traffic) specified in "Your URL".

More Tips

In country selection box we have placed the best "selling" countries to the top of the selection, to make it comfortable for majority of our users. There are English-speaking countries on top of the list, then major European countries, all other countries you can find by alphabetical order.

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